Wish List

  • Regular indoor and outdoor volunteers
  • iPhones, iPads or other tablets to the Museum. We’d use these to enhance exhibits with existing media (e.g. bird sounds via the Macaulay Library). We also want to explore, test, and perhaps even develop some of our own apps to deepen and diversify the Museum experience.
  • A critter cam (or several) for new and unusual views of our trails and feeders. Should we seek one that can be shared online easily?  What do you recommend? GoPro? Wingscapes? Wildgame? A differnt kind? How come?
  • Carpenter for carpentry project(s)
  • 5 A-frame signs (a.k.a. sandwich boards), weather resistant, for use during events, festivals, used book sales, and such
  • Hand-held GPS
  • Annual plants for container gardens and window boxes
  • Activity cart
  • 10 indoor and outdoor thermometers for student explorations and research
  • Books and furniture for a new Nestlings Nook (purchase, gift or make)
  • Office supplies (or gift certificates for them)
  • Bird seed (or gift certificates for them)
  • Subscriptions to bird-related magazines or your old copies
  • LCD Projector (that can hook to a Windows laptop)
  • Supplies to create an outdoor “Migration” obstacle course for kids (purchase, gift or make)
  • Sponsorship of an seasonal intern ($500 – $2500)
  • Portable awnings (the four-poster kind) to cover tables at out door events
  • Thermos-type carafes for coffee and hot water at events (coffee tastes better from these than from our Big Coffee Pots)
  • Cupboard for the other bathroom (free-standing, 8″ deep, less than 4′ tall and less than 2′ wide (18-20″ is ideal))
  • LED picture lights, battery- or outlet powered, for art work on display
  • Lighting for the Russ Hansen photography exhibit ($500)($250–an additional $250 has already been pledged!) 

Of course we welcome any and all contributions! Checks may be made out to the Birds of Vermont Museum and mailed to us at 900 Sherman Hollow Road, Huntington, VT 05462. You can give online too, with JustGive or Network for Good. (If you want us to do Paypal too, tell us!). Donations are tax-deductible.

3 Comments on “Wish List”

  1. hans.rolevink Says:

    Hello Harvey Schugar, do you have in this museum?
    This is a beautiful website.
    I wish you a Happy New Year


  2. steel storage bins are the best thing to use. they last very long and is recyclable too ”


  3. A. Khosla Says:

    I’ve been using Sibley’s Field Guide for the last three years, and my Western Sibley’s is very well worn. But now, the field guide I refer to is the National Geographic. The new fifth edition is great. Rather than just list field marks, it offers tips on distinguishing similar species. The art is all new, and IMHO, very close to actual (compared to previous editions which were…schematic…[that’s putting it kindly]).

    Additionally, the submerged tabs are very handy, and they’ve picked up on putting the map in the back, like Sibleys.

    My only complaints are that it’s not a harder cover, and that I’d like it more narrow and tall, rather than wide and short. Nits. It’s a fabulous field guide.


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