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Through the Window: October 2013 with Big Sitters Helping

November 8, 2013

Nice weather this month. Our list is a bit longer and more amazing ’cause we had some dedicated sitting observers. Admittedly, they were actually on the other side of the window from our usual watching spot. Should we count that as “through the window”? Hmmm. Anyway, if you don’t know about the Big Sit!, go check it out, then come back (We’ll wait).

OK, here’s the combined list: (more…)

Through the Window: September 2013 settles down

October 4, 2013

The gulch widened this month, and one of our logger neighbors helped remove fallen trees. This does allow us to observe the birds flying across it more easily… although we’re not fond of the erosion, particularly (you probably already know about our flood¬†and have already donated to help us bridge this gap…). (more…)

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