Programs for Children

Did you know the Museum offers special programs? Call us to schedule one of these for your group, library, senior center, or after-school event. These can also be booked as add-ons to your field trip to the Museum. Programs for kids are below; we have programs for adults too!

Children’s Programs


Carve out a new hobby with a bar of soap, a popsicle stick tool, and inspiration from wooden bird carvings! Every child is allowed to bring home their carving and one tool.

Designed for 6 and older – limit 12


You think you can’t draw a bird? We bet you can! From simple shapes to loose sketches, we will look at the basic shapes of birds and practice drawing them, while learning a little bird biology at the same time.

Designed for 5-10 year olds, all older beginners welcome – limit 10


From super silly eyebrows to bellies and rumps, we will teach you some of the field marks and features used to describe and identify birds. We will share how every person’s observations can help bird conservation.

Designed for 10 and older – limit 15


Ever wonder why birds lay eggs? How do bird eggs differ from other animals’ eggs? How do eggs survive to hatching? Make your own egg to color and take home!

Designed for 5-10 year olds – limit 12


Feathers: unique and amazing! How do they help birds survive? How can birds fly? How and why are they so colorful? This STEM-based program includes model-making, field work, and investigations about adaptations.

Designed for 8 and up – limit 15

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