Bob Spear

Founding Director, Master Woodcarver

Bob Spear, Woodcarver, and his Bald Eagle carving

Bob Spear, Woodcarver, and his Bald Eagle carving

Bob Spear is not just the Founding Director of the Birds of Vermont Museum and bird carver. Over 90 years old, he still cuts, transports and stacks firewood used to heat his workshop. He maintains the butterfly gardens and the large and small ponds and the bird feeder area. He mows and maintains the trails on the 100 acres of property, providing access to a rich variety of habitats and animal species.

Bob’s passion is to use biologically accurate wood carvings to teach both kids and adults about the importance of birds and their role in the earth’s ecosystem. The Birds of Vermont Museum is the only teaching facility in New England that uses woodcarvings as an educational tool. Learners observe and participate, some even learning to carve as well.

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Ingrid Rhind

Illustrator, Curator, and Contributing Woodcarver

Indigo Bunting by Ingrid Riga Rhind

Indigo Bunting carved by Ingrid Rhind

Ingrid Riga Rhind worked for the Birds of Vermont Museum for a decade. Impressed by Bob Spear‘s skill, she began studying wood carving under him while here.

Her work has contributed to the collection in numerous ways. Ingrid created the “Raptors Above” exhibit that is suspended over the “Nesting Birds” exhibit on the second floor. She carved several birds for the Wetland Diorama exhibits, as well as an Indigo Bunting for our 2009 raffle. She also contributed illustrations of birds for our newsletter.

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Dick Allen

Board Member, Contributing Woodcarver

Northern Cardinal Male carved by Dick Allen

Northern Cardinal Male carved by Dick Allen

Dick Allen has always been fascinated by birds and started carving about 25 years ago. He is self-taught through books and carving magazines, with “lots of trial and error”. His carvings have been given to friends and family; some have been donated to charity.

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