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Through the Window: March 2017

April 7, 2017

March was a mix, with bare ground and then snowstorm Stella. A small snafu, so we don’t have our white board list from February but we did of course keep track over on eBird. for our monitoring walks and so on.  So bold in this list indicates “not seen in January” instead of “not seen […]

Through the Window: January 2017

February 3, 2017

A nice start to the year! Black-capped chickadee Tufted Titmouse Blue Jay Hairy Woodpecker Mourning Dove Downy Woodpecker (male) Northern Cardinal (male) Dark-eyed Junco Red-breasted Nuthatch White-throated Sparrow White-breasted Nuthatch Plenty of Red and Gray Squirrels. We’ve also seen a Vole, White-tailed Deer, Eastern Chipmunks, a photographer, and an Eastern Cottontail rabbit. Even though we […]

Through the Window: December 2016

January 13, 2017

A quiet, bird-filled, peaceful New Year is what we wish for you. We’ll wrap up 2016 with last month’s Viewing Window record. Wild Turkey Blue Jay (flock of 9 or more) Black-capped chickadee Hairy Woodpecker Northern Cardinal (male) Downy Woodpecker (male) Mourning Dove Tufted Titmouse Dark-eyed Junco White-throated Sparrow (2 see on 12/12 & 12/13, […]

Through the Window: November 2016

December 2, 2016

The birds fall into late-autumn routines; the skies get cloudy and light in the early mornings drifts in mist and dreams. OK, and one of the museum bloggers gets either poetic or purple-proseish. Better switch up to our November bird notes, eh? Blue Jay Northern Cardinal Downy Woodpecker Black-capped chickadee White-throated Sparrow (juvenile and adults, […]

Through the Window: October 2016

November 4, 2016

“And the leaves /come tumbling down” — well, ok, a misquote, but nice for this time of year. We have turned our autumn corner, from “open daily” to “open by appointment” — although our bird feeding continues daily also! In October, we noticed these birds, fluttering, swooping, perching, or interacting with each other. Bold are […]

Through the Window: September 2016

October 7, 2016

The year comes turning, turning… the daylight shifts, as we roll toward the equinox and away. Birds shifting southward bring changes to our sightings. A few “winter” birds are popping up! Black-capped chickadee White-throated Sparrow Mourning Dove White-breasted Nuthatch Hairy Woodpecker Blue Jay Downy Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse American Goldfinch Song Sparrow Red-breasted Nuthatch Ruby-throated Hummingbird […]

Through the Window: August 2016

September 2, 2016

We were blessed with some unusual observations this month—we suspect these species are usually here in August, but we’re not always in the right place to observe them. Gotta get outdoors! In the meantime, enjoy this month’s list of what we’ve seen through (or near) our Viewing Window. Blue Jay (and juveniles with bald heads […]

Through the Window: July 2016

August 5, 2016

It’s the glorious height of summer. Also, sometimes hot. We have birds at the feeders, and mammals on the ground, and more! Mourning Dove Red-winged Blackbird Blue Jay (includes a bald one–a fledgling?–seen 7/30) Downy Woodpecker Rose-breasted Grosbeak Northern Cardinal Common Grackle Wild Turkey Brown-headed Cowbird American Goldfinch White-breasted Nuthatch American Crow Ruby-throated Hummingbird Evening […]

Through the Window: June 2016

July 1, 2016

June is when almost everyone is busy with nests, eggs, and sometimes already fledglings. We get busy too. Rose-breasted Grosbeak Common Grackle Hairy Woodpecker White-breasted Nuthatch American Crow Mourning Dove Blue Jay Red-winged Blackbird Downy Woodpecker Ruby-throated Hummingbird Wild Turkey Brown-headed Cowbird American Goldfinch  Northern Cardinal Kingfisher Turkey Vulture (2 seen through gap of trees, […]

Through the Window: May 2016

June 3, 2016

Twenty-nine species noticed and recorded on our informal Viewing Window white board in May (and can you believe it’s already June?). American Goldfinch  Black-capped Chickadee Blue Jay Northern Cardinal Rose-breasted Grosbeak Tufted Titmouse Mourning Dove Downy Woodpecker Common Grackle American Crow  Purple Finch Wild Turkey European Starling Brown-headed Cowbird Hairy Woodpecker White-throated Sparrow Ruffed Grouse (in […]